Huntsville’s Saturn V Will Soon Become “Dream Rocket”

Huntsville’s Saturn V Will Soon Become “Dream Rocket”

Over 8,000 “Dream Theme” panels will be stitched together to become the world’s largest collaborative public art project

Claire Aiello Web Content Manager

2:01 pm CDT, August 17, 2009


The Saturn V replica at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (Gregg Stone, WHNT NEWS 19 Chief Photojournalist / August 17, 2009) HUNTSVILLE, AL – The Saturn V will take on a new, artistic look in the next year. It will even take on a new name during this time, as it serves as a gigantic canvas to art from around the world.

The idea behind The Dream Rocket is to wrap the Saturn V in a giant 36,000 square-foot quilt, made up of 8,000 individual panels. Each of the panels will express a “dream theme”, with each participant’s hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

“The spirit of the Saturn V teaches us that when people collaborate on an important goal and put aside their differences, nothing is impossible,” said Jennifer Marsh, Director of the Dream Rocket. “Anything can be accomplished.”

Students and individuals from more than 100 countries will create the panels, and you can create one as well.

“We want people all over the world to dream those audacious dreams, and to inspire them to make their dreams come true,” Marsh added. “The Dream Rocket will symbolize not just the dreams of individuals, but also the power of global collaboration.”

You can reserve a two-foot square panel for $100. To do so, visit The Dream Rocket web site.

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