On Craftzine.com: Dream Rocket Project to Cover Saturn V with Giant Quilt

On Craftzine.com: Dream Rocket Project to Cover Saturn V with Giant Quilt

In Craftzine.com on April 28th:

The Saturn V rocket, responsible for launching all the missions to the moon, was the largest and most powerful rocket ever built. The Dream Rocket project aims to completely cover a 38-story, 363-foot-tall Saturn V rocket replica at the U.S. Space and Rocket center in Huntsville, Ala., with a massive 32,000 square foot quilt. The quilt will be made from thousands of hand-crafted panels from students, teachers, and individuals from more than 100 countries and 50 states.

Heading up the project is Jennifer Marsh, an artist and founder and director of the International Fiber Collaborative (IFC). Marsh’s previous large-scale public art pieces include the wrapping of an abandoned gas station in central New York state and the Tree Project, where participants from around the world contributed handmade leaves that were affixed to a large man-made tree. Marsh, who is drawn to using textile techniques and fiber materials in nontraditional ways within the sculptures she creates, says it was a feeling of disconnect from the world that lead her to pursue large-scale public art displays.

“My sense of apartness came from a sense that only a select group of friends, professors, and family members ever saw my artwork,” she said. “Its impact seemed less empowering, less important, and very inward. While traveling and teaching in India during graduate school, I realized how truly powerful the arts and crafts are to cultures all around the globe, and how they are interwoven with the daily lives of those peoples. I began questioning the relationship to and expression of art in one’s life.

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