Hungarian Naplo Newspaper June 17, 2010

Hungarian Naplo Newspaper June 17, 2010

English learning students from Sumeg, Hungary participating in the Dream Rocket

Dream Rocket Project – off blast in Sümeg 🙂

Kisfaludy Sándor Grammar School is the one and only school in Hungary which can be proud of having creative students who readily worked together in order to create something new and thus express their understanding of the world. These students were taken part in the Dream Rocket project, Jennifer Marsh’s initiative, and its aim is to wrap a replica of a space shuttle named Saturn V with panels made by individuals from all over the world.

During the preparation of these panels different materials were used such as cotton, thread and felt pens to make the outlook of these projects more impressive and permanent. But not only are the drawings permanent but also the ideas behind such as love, world peace, friendship and family.

Students were informed about this project and encouraged by Nagy Emilia, who has been a teacher of English in our school for three years now. She got this idea from Priscilla Horvath whose special help and guidance did contribute to our success and without her voluntary work and constant assistance these panels would not come into being.