Barbara Schneider from Desseldorf, Germany

Barbara Schneider from Desseldorf, Germany
Barbara Schneider in Germany

Barbara Schneider in Germany

By B a r b a r a Schneider in
RUBENSSTRASSE 6, City:Duesseldorf, State:NRW

Did you enjoy this project?
Yes , unfortunately I could not spent so much time and started very late .
It would have been also a pleasure to create PANELS with some children and /or a team.
Techniques Used & Materials Used:
• Sewing , application • TOYS (recycled / second hand),
felt, waste of printed fabric (flowers) linen and fleece, filing material
Tell us the story behind your panel: SAVE the GLOBE and “our” future !
A peaceful and healthy and colorful planet
We need a healthy planet with all kinds of animals , plants and clean oceans
which will give us a I I the opportunity to live healthy and will save our
future and our planet earth . To achieve a healthy planet we all also need
of course peace on earth !
For the realization of this subject r e c y c I I n g was from my point of
view mandatory as well as some creativity , joy and good energy .
The recycled colorful toys are still visualizing fun and happiness,which is
also necessary for a healthy and peaceful life for children , and a healthy
and peaceful future !