Jodie Scaltreto from Hillsboro, NH

Jodie Scaltreto from Hillsboro, NH
By Jodi Scaltreto in Hillsboro, New Hampshire
Dream Theme – Health
Title – “Autism Awareness”
“My son has Asperger’s Syndrom growing up he was not diagnosed so he spent most of his school years in private placements. Finally when an alert psychologist realized that he had Asperger’s life became much clearer for all of us. He is now 27 and has a full time job in IT and enjoys his first group of friends who share his same interest in anime and animals especially cats.”
Cotton fabric, fusible web, gel medium, I fused the pieces so that they would with stand handling and appliqued the ribbon to the background.”
Jodie Scaltreto

Jodie Scaltreto from NH