By the Larkins Family in Santa Cruz, CA

By the Larkins Family in Santa Cruz, CA
Submitted by the Larkins Family in Santa Cruz, CA
Title of panel – “A Home for All”
Dream Theme – Community
Did you enjoy this project?
“Yes, It was fun to brainstorm ‘Dream’ ideas and to make the panel.”
What else could the IFC do?
“People could create small flags of things that are important to them and their community. The flags could be attached to a long string and stretched along a path. It would be fun to see the diversity of ideas and the common themes that emerge.”
Who was involved in making this panel?
Vivian, Michael and Sal Larkins
Materials and Techniques Used:
Fabric Applique
What is the story behind your panel?
“After the earthquake in Haiti, we wanted to make an image of safe, secure houses for everyone. We think this is a goal we could accomplish if we just put our will and resources towards it”
Larkins Family

Larkins Family