Troop 785 in Huntsville, Alabama

Troop 785 in Huntsville, Alabama
By the Girl Scouts of Central Alabama, Troop 785 in Huntsville, Alabama.
Title – “Make the World a Better Place”.
Dream Theme – Conservation
What else could the IFC do? “Wrap the Hollywood Sign”.
Who was involved:
Amanda Pierce, Catherine Cape, Madison Smith, Cosette Lassiter, Kaitlyn Hatmaker, Mendy Pierce, Judy Lassieter and Valarae Pfister
Materials and Techniques Used: Recycled Blue Jeans, Duct Tape, Fabric Paint, and Fabric Glue.
What is the story behind your artwork?
The girls in the troop first chose a theme. They then each drew what they thought the panel should look like.
After voting for the winning design, they chose the materials. Wanting to encourage recycling, they decided on Blue Jeans for the backing. To stay fun & current, they wanted to use colored duct tape. A friend sewed the jeans together for us, and the girls worked together to complete the design.”
Troop 785, Huntsville, AL

Troop 785, Huntsville, AL