Kingston Elementary School in Knoxville, TN

Kingston Elementary School in Knoxville, TN
By Audrey Fowler and the Kingston Elementary School (2nd grade) in Knoxville, TN
Name of Panel: “The World Belongs to My Daughters”
Dream Theme: Energy
Did you enjoy this project?
“Yes, absolutely, totally involved with several aspects of my chosen theme, for instance, Earth Day, save the environment and recycling; plus running my embellishing machine with the same passionate pace, like crazy, to combine my two pursuits.”
What could the IFC do next?
“One that has a permanent display, i.e, not just 60 days like this one on the rocket.”
Who else was involved in making this panel?
“Recycled material from a class project made from recycled material by the Kingston Elementary School’s 2nd grade class.”
Materials and Techniques Used:
Embellishing machine, sewing machine, using wood fiber, woolroving, hand-dyded felt and various types of yarns, upholstery fabric and thread.
Whats the story behind your panel?
“My daughters are portrayed in this quilt. Not many daughters are named after a butterfly; however, when your mother was a former entomologist, i.e, “bug lady”, this is your fate. She was named after the Vanessa atalanta butterfly. My second daughter’s name is Teela which means “lucky”, so, she is my “ladybug.” To follow the Earth Day theme, some of the materials used were recycled from a previous project of recycled material. My quilt is divided into four quadrants, the first two are my two daughters (portrayed by their insects) and the other two quadrants represent the two environments in which these insects live. Thus, the theme is to save the insects and their environments for future generations.
Another interesting sidebar story regarding the Kingston Elementary 2nd Grade Class involves how “good news” travels fast.
As a class project, I volunteered to join my co-worker son’s 2nd grade class for a project for our company’s environment booth. I constructed 12-inch blocks for them to use various techniques to display their ideas on how to save the environment. (Their class picture was attached to the back of the submitted quilt) Then, I assembled a quilt using these blocks, whales whith floating debris in another, over-flowing trash cans, etc. The kids were great with their ideas. And apparently they were very involved and excited, for a month later I was clued in to this story. At the Company’s booth, I waved someone I knew over to see the final quilt project, and she said she had already heart of it. This piqued my interest and asked her, how was that! One of the boys from the 2nd grade class went home and was playing outside and mentioned the quilt and the school activity to a neighbor playmate; in turn, he was so enthusuastic about the project he told his mother about the project and mentioned my name. And being a small world, she used to work with me at a different company but still remember me enough to call the person she knows who now works at the same company as me to tell her I made a quilt. And that person told me about the story. All I can say is that there must have been some great enthusiasm in that little boy’s voice to have made that many chain reactions. And that is what it is all about, influencing the next generation on the theme of saving the environment and recycling.”
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