West Side School in Cold Spring Harbor S.D. in Syosset, NY

West Side School in Cold Spring Harbor S.D. in Syosset, NY
By the West Side School, Cold Spring Harbor School District in Syosset, NY
Art Teacher – Mrs. Andria McLaughlin
Classroom teacher – Julia Glass.
All students from Mrs. J. Glass class
Dream Theme: Community
Name of Panel: “Helping Hands across the web”
Did you enjoy this project?
“Yes, we all did. The project allowed teachers to collaborate, work in collaborative groups with children and be part of this inspiring project.”
What else could the IFC do? “something that would be permanant”
Materrials and Techniques Used:
Markers – students and art teacher created image in photoshop – we projected the image – traced and colored it.
What is the story behind your panel?
“Mrs. Julie Class’ third grade class chose the theme of “Helping Others”. We discussed how important it is to help those in need in both our local and global communities. The class learned that in extreme cases, people need items necessary for survival such as food, clothing, medicine and shelter, after suffering a devastating event. However, on an everyday occurrence, the children learned that they can still help others in need. From performing random acts of kindness to cheering up a friend whi is down, they realized that they are able to help others on many levers, each and every day of their lives. The Dream Rocket Project has been a wonderful way to bring awarness to the children as they envision themselves being superheroes who can make the Earth a better place.”
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