Girl Scout Troop 48378 from Felicity, Ohio

Girl Scout Troop 48378 from Felicity, Ohio
By Girl Scout Troop #48378 from Felicity, Ohio
with leaders Emily Carnalian and Mandy Sharp.
Title of Artwork – “Peace in our Community”
Dream Theme – Peace
Who was involved?
Emily Carnahan, Linda Shinkle, Mandy Sharp & Troop 48378
Materials and Techniques Used:
Machine and Hand Sewing. We used Fabric and fabric crayons, a sheet,
felt and paper.
What is your artwork about?
We chose to use the Dream Theme peace because we want to
help our community have more peace. We also made the peace sign upside down to
represent the girl scout promise. When we say our promise we hold up a sign, which
looks like we are holding up 3 fingers and then we say the promise. So the upside
down peace sign looks like our sign. All of our girls drew a picture of themselves
and added their names. We sewed it together and made our peace panel.