Girl Scout Troop #1213 from Georgetown. KY

Girl Scout Troop #1213 from Georgetown. KY
By the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road CouncilTroop #1213 from Georgetown, KY
Title-“Now you are a Leader”
Dream Theme – Leadership
Who Participated?Linda Ramsey(Troop Leader), Caroline Burton, Kaylee Cooper,Lakyn Dillon, Lacey Fox, Breanna Kent, Leah Charron, MadisonLumpkins, Olivia Ohnheiser, Gabriell Scott, Madison Scott, and Savannah Roberts
Techniques and Materials Used:Sewing, Painting, and Gluing
What is your groups panel about?”While learning about the levels of Girl Scouts, one of the girls remarked, “And that is the Life Cycle of a Girl Scout.” She completedthe thought with “And now you can be a Leader.”
She was referring to being a Girl Scout troop leader. Girl Scouts teach girls to be leaders in all areas of life.”
Since Girl Scouts Build Leaders, this seemed like a great theme for our panel.”
Did you enjoy working on this project?”Yes! Awsome group of Girl Scouts. It was an honor to watch 11 little girls collaborate on ideas for the project. Then, they put those ideas intoactions. Builds teamworking skills.”
What else could the IFC do?Maybe a Train that still runs across America.