By Girl Scout Troop 908 from Ashland, KY

By Girl Scout Troop 908 from Ashland, KY
By Girl Scout Troop #908 from Ashland, KY with the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council
Title-“Helping Hands of Troop #908”
Dream Theme – Community
Did you enjoy this project?
“Yes, We first drew a rocket & talked about how large they are
& tied in President Kennedy’s Speech and then got right to
work on our panel.”
Who participated in creating this panel?
Debra Adkins, Sunshine Trimble and the Daisy/Brownie Girl
Scout Troop #908
Techniques & Materials Used: Fabric paint, Fabric marker,
glitter fabric paint, and canvas
What is the story behind your artwork?
“We began our troop this year talking about having helping hands in our families by helping mom & dad by picking up toys, watching
baby brothers/babysisters, sweeping, raking leaves, and by helping our teacher at church or school. It seems that everywhere we turn,
this is our theme. We helped to make Christmas brighter/sweeter for boys & girls less fortunate through Operation Christmas Child, and
we are working on a collaborative project for a local nursing home by putting together some giftbags, shoes, clothing, candy, and whatever other
needs there are. The theme for this panel just seemed to flow out of all of that. It is our desire to use our hands as an expression of love,
care, and concern to the needs of our community locally and globally. That will truley make the world a better place for the future.”