Cadette and Junior Girl Scout Troop 214 from Frankes, KY

Cadette and Junior Girl Scout Troop 214 from Frankes, KY

Cadette and Junior Girl Scouts of Trooq 214. Frakes, KY (Sheila Miller-Cobb, Leader)
Title-“Girl Scouts Can Make A Difference All Around the World”
Dream Theme-Conservation
Who was involved?
Lona Cobb, Junior Girl Scout and Parent/Troop Leader Sheila Miller-Cobb, Olivia Webb, Junior Girl Scout and Parent Kellie Webb
Katie Thacker, Junior Girl Scout and Parent Michelle Thacker, Morgan Cobb, Junior Girl Scout and Parent Leigh Ann Cobb
Isabella Webb, Cadette Girl Scout and Parent Kellie Webb
Techniques Used & Materials Used:
The back panel piece is a blue cotton star/space quilt sheet onto which the girls individual white panels were sewn. The individual white panels are a glittery cotton quilt sheet. The girls used acrylic craft paint, felt, google eyes, cross-stitching, glitter and yarn to decorate the panel.
Tell us the story behind your panel?
The Juniors of Troop 214 in the Kentucky Wilderness Road Council are working of the “It’s Your World — Change It!” Journey in preparation for their Bronze Award. Part of the requirement to earn the “Power of Team” Badge is to come up with-a•”SUpergirl” story to show how a person can take something they care about and strive for long-lasting change. The girls are then to share their story with others. Our girls decided to use the Dream Rocket Project as their way of spreading their stories. The girls decided on Conservation/Environment as the theme for the panel and each girl picked a country around the world for which they had concern.

*Lona picked the South American Rainforest area
*Olivia chose Africa
*Katie chose Australia

*Morgan chose Antarctica

Each girl was then given an 11.x 11 inch square and they used acrylic craft paint to make a scene from each country. Then the girls used felt to make different animals and glued them to the squares. Our Cadette; habella, then used cross-strtehing material felt, yarn and beads to make the sun in the middle of the panel. She used different color glitter to make the name of our panel “Girl Scouts Can Make a Difference All Around the World”. Her mother, Kellie, sewed the individual panels onto the blue background.
What else could the IFC do?
Something to do with agriculture or the Appalachian Mountain region.

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