Girl Scout Troop #315 from Hazard, KY

Girl Scout Troop #315 from Hazard, KY
By Girl Scout Troop #315 from Hazard, KY
Title-“Girl Scouts Helping Hands Across the World”
Dream Theme – Community
Who was involved? Kennedi Artrip, Abby Boggs, Elizabeth Browning, Ava Dixon, Grace Epperson, Katie, Pennington, Zoe Pennington, Zelle Phillips, Taylor Roper, Olivia Walker
Sheila Epperson(Leader), Cassandra Artrip, Lori Boggs, Crystal Browning, Andrea Dixon, Shawna Pennington, Deronda Roper, Marsha Walker, Judy Cornett.
What is your groups artwork about?
“Each girl traced their own hand & arm onto fabric. After cutting out their arms the girls used old pieces of ribbon, buttons, etc. and learned to sew their items onto their fabric arms. The girls always want to do something to help make a difference or to help someone in the
community by collecting food, toys, or blankets for the homeless shelter or the soldiers over seas. They also collect things for the animal shelter. The girls feel that even though they are small they do make a difference on the community so why not the world.”
Did you enjoy this project?
“The Girl Scouts of Troop#315 truly enjoyed this project!!”
What else could the IFC do?
“To cover a building in Washington for the 100th annerversary of Girl Scouts.”
Helping Hands Across the World

Helping Hands Across the World

Helping Hands