Girl Scout Troop 79 from Versailles, KY

Girl Scout Troop 79 from Versailles, KY
By Girl Scout Troop 79 from Versailles, KY
Title-“Everyone Makes a Difference”
Dream Theme-Community
Who was involved?
Addison Beck, Emily Hestand, Katelyn Melcher, Amber Kling, Catherine Cadwallader
Materials & Techniques Used: Felt, Satin, Paint, Fabric Markers, Ribbon
What is your groups artwork about?
“The girls in the troop, ages 9 & 10, chose a community theme. They each picked a different area where one person can make a difference within their, or any, community. Their areas are: making greener homes, teaching people to read, working to keep local water clean, planting trees, and picking up trash.”
Did you enjoy working on this project?
“Yes, the girls worked together to decide the theme and design of their panel. They had a great time, and learned a lot in the process.”
Everyone Makes a Difference

Everyone Makes a Difference