Created by: Ginny Clark from Victoria, Australia

Created by: Ginny Clark from Victoria, Australia

Created by: Ginny Clark
From: Warracknabeal, Victoria, Australia
Title of Artwork: “Busy Aussie Mums’ “What if” Dreams
Dream Theme: Community
Participants: Artwork and research by Ginny Clark
Contributing personal ideas came from family and friends who are Mums and Grandmums in Victoria:
•From the Wimmera – Ann, Deanne, Donna, Jan, Jenny, Joyce, Leanne, Sue
•From Melbourne – Dilys, Bernadette, Di, Wendy
•From other regional Victoria – Anne, Christine
Techniques and Materials Used: Computer images printed onto fabric, stencil ironed onto calico, and cut and sewn onto backing material.

Created by: Ginny Clark from Victoria, Australia
What is the story behind your artwork?
Having already facilitated the making of panels by Jeparit Primary School and Horsham Uniting Youth, I was looking for inspiration for one about women. A couple of ‘off the cuff’ comments by women friends and family about what they would do ‘one day’ when they didn’t have to look after children, husband or work led to this panel.

I asked a number of other women friends and family if they would like to contribute something that they would like to do if they did not have family and work calls on their time and if money was no object. Some also provided the image or the idea for the image for me to create. I was excited by the range of ‘dreams’ that came out. Most were a perfect fit for the person, but some did surprise me. I looked for groupings to aid the design and formed two groups: 
new places, more creativity.

These are the creative activities:
•Archaeological digs
Creative sewing
•Further study
•Growing a (more) beautiful garden
•Landscape painting
•Pony Riding
•Relaxing in Nature

It was refreshing to realize that so many of us just wanted more time to do things that we love doing now. All of us love being Mums and do not resent the time that that takes up, and some of us are closer to ‘having it all’ than we realize, by being able to grab some time to do the things that we love to do — even if we do so much that we get very tired.

Within the places were three countries, all of which I had visited years ago, making me feel very
fortunate. These are the places to visit:
•A new home closer to town
•England especially the Guards at Buckingham Palace
•Hawaii especially the dancing
•Lake Mungo (NSW, Australia) archaeololgical region or the antiquities
•Scotland especially Loch Ness 
•Victoria’s high country in East Gioosland and the Kiewa Valley and the Mt Cole Cottage
•The World!

Another thing I realized while sewing it all together, was that most of the things in this panel are things that I would love to have more time to do too. So I left the names off the specific activities and places. Perhaps others would feel that they would like to do some of the other things too. I hoped that as others see this, they might also appreciate the pleasures in life that we have and share in common with our friend and family circles.

And for those who have places they would like to visit- I hope that they will make it in the future.