Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama

Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama

Created by Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama

Teacher: Elizabeth Seifried

Title: Our Hopes and Dreams

Theme: Peace

Materials and Techniques:
We used gessoed canvass, acrylic paints, cans, garbage bags, and paint pens in this project. Our project is 3-D, so we glued our cut out rocket onto our base piece after stuffing it with bags. Then we used tin cans to wrap our rocket’s flames around. The rest of the painting was painted with tints and shades. We experimented with adding whites and blacks to colors to create an evolving feeling with our background. The painting was done by students.

What is your artwork about? 
Students chose a rocket soaring into outer space as their subject matter. The rocket has a peace symbol on it as it flies past planets into the universe, to signify our dreams to achieve universal peace. Strips of fabric are used as a boarder on the top and bottom with inspirational words written on them. Students brainstormed to choose the right words, such as “peace,” “joy,” “love.” 3rd and 4th grade students drew their idea of the person who should be the one to be in the rocket. We had many very creative ideas, eventually picking Joey Vivian‘s drawing. Joey drew a man with a handlebar mustache in a space suit with a peace sign. All Monte Sano students K-5 participated in this project.

Joey Vivian is a 5th grade student at Monte Sano Elementary School and had a large role to play in creating this artwork, Joey’s thoughts on this submission….

Question One: Joey, How did you decide to draw the man with the handlebar mustache for our Dream Rocket?  Was there any reason you chose to have him look the way he did?
Joey: In honor of my great-great grandfather, Onofrio Papasadora, because that is how he looked.

Question Two:  Joey, What do you think about the Dream Rocket that we designed?  What does it mean to you?
Joey: In the far future, that is how one of my future ancestors will look like, my ancestor in space.

Did your group enjoy working on this project?
We greatly enjoyed working on this project! The very idea behind the project is what inspired us. The thought that art can bring us all together is inspiring in itself. We loved the process of brainstorming words, ideas, images of a unifying peace. Students and parents have been happy with the product, as well. Thanks for allowing us to participate in this project!
Do you have any other ideas of projects that we could do that would involved art and collaboration?
Creating mobiles for department stores nation-wide. These mobiles could have portraits of individuals from all different cultures, flags from all different nations, animals from all different places, etc.

Elizabeth Seifried – Art Teacher,

Joey Viviani – Designed and painted the person inside the rocket.
Lisa Rabban and her children worked after school on it.
Meleah Horton glued it together.
All Monte Sano students K-5

Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama  Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama

















Monte Sano Elementary School from Huntsville, Alabama