Dream Rocket Project At Liberal’s Memorial Library

Dream Rocket Project At Liberal’s Memorial Library

Dream Rocket Project At Liberal’s Memorial Library
Dream Rocket Project At Liberal's Memorial Library

LIBERAL, Kan.  — The Liberal Memorial Library is exhibiting artworks from The Dream Rocket Project, an international public art project, through the month of February.

In 2009, the International Fiber Collaborative launched The Dream Rocket Project, a collection of approximately 8,000 art pieces made of fabric and textiles from the United States and various regions of the world.

The work that is currently on display at Liberal Memorial Library was submitted from schools, groups and individuals residing in states such as AL, OH, KY, NC, FL, NY and KS. A number of these works were created by schools located in Kansas such as Jefferson Co. North High School in Winchester and Free State High School in Lawrence.

In 2014, this artwork will be joined with the other pieces to wrap around a 365-foot Saturn V Moon Rocket replica at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala.

Prior to the wrapping of the Saturn V, all submissions are being displayed in venues such as libraries, schools and museums. Since May 2010, the Dream Rocket team has completed 44 exhibits and has scheduled a total of 81, including the show at the Liberal Memorial Public Library.

The designated theme of the panels, “Dare to Dream,” challenges individuals to expand beyond the present state of the world and imagine the future. Perhaps most importantly, individuals are challenged to imagine their contribution to that future. These individual dreams & aspirations will combine to create a monumental 32,000 square feet work art, providing a tangible demonstration of the beauty of individuals collaborating to meet universal challenges.

The creation of the panels has been a catalyst for creativity in health care facilities, libraries, schools, museums, and for individuals. While the Dream Rocket team works on collecting submitted artworks for this giant wrap, they are placing submitted artworks on display in national & international venues up until the time that the Saturn V is wrapped.

To date, the Dream Rocket team has received submissions representing 351 cities, 49 states and countless countries.

The IFC was founded by Jennifer Marsh in a response to the growing need within her community for supplemental arts education for public schools, community arts, and perhaps most importantly, an outlet for individuals around the world to find common ground. Using the arts as a vehicle for learning, collaboration, and inspiration, the IFC continues to address the increasing needs of society, communities, and individuals. More information about the International Fiber Collaborative and its current project is available online at www.thedreamrocket.com.

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