Laura Grover from Bellevue, WA

Laura Grover from Bellevue, WA

Created by Laura Grover from Bellevue, WA

Title: Celebrating Ray

Dream Theme: Ray Bradbury

Materials and techniques used: Cotton, acrylic paint, hand embroidery and free hand machine embroidery.

About:I so love the art of storytelling. One of my favorite places is the library or bookstore. I open a book and if I am very lucky I am swept into a place where I will have to ponder or think. The works of Ray Bradbury invite me to do so. To image I am there and to experience the possibilities of other existence, of other decisions. Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed re-reading his works I wanted to create this panel with some of my favorite characters from his books.

Did you enjoy working on your submission? I enjoyed creating this work very much. I started by re-reading many of his works. They were such an enjoyment. It was hard choosing my favorite works to represent him.

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Laura Grover from Bellevue, WA