Doris Carr from Kansas City, MO

Doris Carr from Kansas City, MO

Created by Doris Carr from Kansas City, MO

Title: Prairie Girls

Theme: 100 Years of Agriculture
Doris Carr from Kansas City, MO
Materials and techniques used: Various cotton fabrics were used. The girls are appliquéd as well as the corn. Sunflowers in the basket are handmade. Background sunflowers are hand embroidery. 

About: The “Prairie Girls” with their wide brim hats to protect them from the sun, serves a reminder that everyone was involve in the harvest. One picks fresh corn from the lower part of the stalk to be eaten at this day family meal, while the other basket totem girl picks fresh sunflowers to brighten the center of the dining table. Whenever I see a sunflower, I think about how nice it would look on my dining table.

Did you enjoy working on your work of art? I did enjoy the planning and the finish project for this cause.

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