Debbie Rodgers from Suisun City, California

Debbie Rodgers from Suisun City, California

Created by Debbie Rodgers from Suisun City, California 

Debbie Rodgers from Suisun City, California
Title: Grampa’s Garden

Theme: 100 Years of Agriculture 

Materials and techniques used: Cotton fabric and batting. Sewing and quilting.


My panel depicts my Grandfather’s wondrous, bountiful garden. He could grow anything! And he loved to share his garden with family and friends. One time, his very young great-grandsons trampled early seedlings in the garden. They didn’t know what “stay out of the garden” meant. He laughed, and took them by the hands and patiently showed them what a garden was, and why they shouldn’t damage the plants.

Thank you to the Kansas Humanities Council.
This program is presented in conjunction with the exhibits, 100 Years of Agriculture; Past, Present, and Future, and supported by the Kansas Humanities Council, a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting humanities programs across Kansas. 

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