Overlook Primary School, Poughkeepsie, NY

Overlook Primary School, Poughkeepsie, NY

Overlook Primary Schoole, Poughkeepsie, NY  Overlook Primary School,Poughkeepsie, NY




Created by Overlook Primary School’s 1st Grade, Poughkeepsie, NY

Teacher: Carol DiPalo

Title: Dream of World Peace

Theme: Peace

Materials: Our “Dream Quilt Square” was painted on a recycled bedspread. Having six classes, over one hundred children, participate was a challenge. The children all took part in brainstorming ideas, then each class became responsible for a part of the image. Fingerprinting was a way of engaging many children in the process.

About: Our students have been studying the earth in their classes and for this project the children learned about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, their importance, and their dreams. They chose PEACE as a theme because it related to both topics and chose the image of the earth and the hands to represent all the dream of all people living in peace.

Did you enjoy this project? This was an enjoyable project because it bridged relevant areas of curriculum to create a product that will be enjoyed by the children and the community. They are looking forward to the Vallkill exhibit.

Overlook Primary Schoole, Poughkeepsie, NY


Created by Overlook Primary School’s 2nd Grade , Poughkeepsie, NY

Art Teacher: Carol DiPalo

Title: Working Together for Peace

Theme: Peace

Materials: The children’s square is composed of a grid of 576 one inch squares. First the peace sign was drawn in the center and covered with masking tape. Next each square was printed blue with a one inch eraser cube giving over one hundred students an opportunity to fill In color. When the blue paint dried, individuals embellished the squares with silver sharpie and the masking tape was removed.

Did you enjoy this project? This project was enjoyed on many levels. They liked the idea of many artists doing their part to create a detailed work. Seeing the work in progress and the process was a revelation.

About: The students were impressed with Eleanor Roosevelt’s vision of world peace. They could relate to the United Nation’s mission of world peace through conflict resolution and that many people could work together to accomplish great things. They were also excited to learn that Eleanor Roosevelt lived only a few miles from our school and it would be possible to see their work on display with work from many other groups.

Overlook Primary School,Poughkeepsie, NY


Overlook Primary School,Poughkeepsie, NY

Created by Overlook Primary School’s Kindergarten Students, Poughkeepsie, NY

Teacher: Carol DiPalo

Title: Making the World a Beautiful Place

Theme: Conservation

Materials: The kindergarten students wanted to paint a picture of a beautiful place. We listed things that they would like to include, lightly sketched outlines, and filled in shapes using fingerprints. Details were added using Q-tips and fabric markers. Over 100 children created the work with each child contributing ideas, choices, and a few dabs of paint.

About: The children have been learning about Earth Day and how people can work together make a difference.