Netherwood Elementary School, Hyde Park, NY

Created by Ms. Petrucci’s 4th grade art class of 2014,Netherwood Elementary School, Hyde Park, NY

Artists: Jordan, Emmanuel, Dylan, Isabella, Sean, Alexander, Michael, Megan, Steven, Shane, Jelena, Liam, Katelyn, Molly, Joshua, Miranda, Joshua, Caroline, Maia, Anthony, Lyndsey, and Lorenzo.

Teacher: Michelle Petrucci

Title: We Love Eleanor

Theme: Eleanor Roosevelt (Community)

Materials: Pencil and colored pencil on paper. Transferred Images on muslin fabric.

About: The students and I learned about the many accomplishments of Eleanor Roosevelt through stories and discussions. I assigned each student a scene from Eleanor’s life. They had to use the information and pictures from the stories, as well as their imagination to draw each scene. When the students were all finished, I scanned their artwork into a computer and transferred their work onto a large piece of muslin to create our quilt. The students were able to keep their original artwork.