Roseville Avenue Elementary School, Newark, NJ

Roseville Avenue Elementary School, Newark, NJ

Roseville Avenue Elementary School, Newark, NJ

Created by Roseville Avenue Elementary School, Newark, NJ

Artists: Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, most of course, our 4th grade stitch artists.

Teacher: Patricia Marinaro

Title: “Our Time” “Disappearing” Adventure

Theme: Innovation and Invention of Learning

It began as a Peace quilt and transpired into Innovation, our children learning a new craft.

Materials: Doll quilts; we make individual dolls and stitch them together. Felt, hair ties, elastic, beads, stickers, packing trim, embroidery thread, marker, paint, sequins, braids, lays, dream catcher, crochet items, cotton stuffing and any item a child brought in that we sewed into the quilt

Did you enjoy this project? We want to participate in all of your projects. We loved this idea.

About: The students offered inventive thoughts as we sat around the table in the classroom working on it. Students would drop by to work on it when they saw it out, they would plead to sew, they went missing from classrooms ending up in my room with the Innovative Quilt Project. I think the Innovation theme was stuck on them by the thought it would fly off into space on a rocket. We would go over inventors and ideas and contributions people have made to the universe and we would generally talk about keys, light bulbs, telephones, games, somehow pizza Steve and uncle grandpa were brought in to our mixed stew of the students trying to come up w/ ideas to stitch into our quilt.

Origami was introduced as a border finisher. They sewed their names, and pictures of themselves. We have a castle and one of the Muppets in space, a crochet angel was contributed because of all the hands that have taught us stitched to mend ourselves in so many ways. This project has been so peaceful, so wonderful to sit around with the students, threading a needle, that was an Innovation for them to learn by itself, the act of rolling to double the thread to make a knot at the end of the thread. That was an innovation, a knot. Many times I would go over the quilt and find the beginning and ending of a stitch/thread and pull thread to knot off the contributor’s art stitch. Finding a penny with a hole in it was innovative because, as one mother said, “I’ve haven’t even had a penny w/ a hole in it”, and she laughed to see the penny w/ the hole stitched to our story blanket.