Rm 10, Grade 3, Conant School, Acton MA

Rm 10, Grade 3, Conant School, Acton MA

Created by Rm 10, Grade 3, Conant School, Acton MA

Participants: Abby Happ, Aishani Mahadevia, Arhan Kalra, Arjun Samudrala, Ava Hjorth, Barathi Ramadurai, Curtis Ying, Eesha Vats, Jason Liang, Kaitlyn Vittum, Krish Gupta, Logan Lyons, Max Borenshtein, Mela Khaykina, Noah Stegmeier, Prakul Saxena, Ronald Sechman, Sachin Srinivasan, Sanjana Kadiyala, Shriya Kannan

Teachers: Melissa Hayes and Rose Antonuccio

Title: Connected Circles

Theme: Art

Materials and techniques: Felt, embroidery, fabric

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, we loved working on it!

About: Connecting to the theme of Personal Connection to Immigration or Migration, students were asked to research their families’ heritage. After gathering that information, we searched for the flags of those countries, and that because the color scheme to each person’s embroidery. Students worked with embroidery thread and felt to create their radial designs. As a class, we organized the circles in a radial pattern.

Conant School, Acton MA