Bowman Elementary School, Lexington, MA

Bowman Elementary School, Lexington, MA

Created by Bowman Elementary School, Lexington, MA

Teacher: Iris Goldfarb

Participants: 4th and 5th grade classes

Title: Lowell National Historical Park

Theme: Community

Materials and techniques:
Burlap, felt, oak tag for pattern making, pencils, scissors and erasers, fabric glue, puffy paint, Sharpie, plastic buttons, sequence, wooden beads, yarn and blunt needles.

Did your group enjoy working on the project? My students and I enjoyed working on this assignment, we had the opportunity to; share personal stories, integrate social studies and art, learn to use a pattern for cutting fabric, employ the steps needed to create a visually satisfying interpretation of the assignment.

About: Four, Fourth grade classes at the Bowman School, in Lexington, Massachusetts, investigated personal origins and family roots by examining themes of language, faith, monuments and food. Students identified universal patterns and themes that unite immigrants. Students worked together in groups to create a 2’ x 2’ cloth banner identifying themes that bring people together.

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