Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay, FL

Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay, FL

Created by Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay, FL

Participants: Samantha Ames, Katelynn Campbell, Katelynn Provost, Shayla Thomas, Jasmine Taylor, Alyssa Phelps, Joseph Saint Juste, Krystal Winter

Teacher: Mrs. J. Tucker

Materials and techniques: Ceramic clay rolled into 1/4″ sheets in a clay press, sharp tools for incising into the clay, acrylic paint, fibrous cloth, oil pastel for embellishment of the print

Did you enjoy this project? The students were surprised they could make a two dimensional piece of artwork out of a material they usually use for three dimensional work. Some were disappointed with their original print but all were satisfied after adding oil pastel to complete the details of their work.

About: The students who participated in this project are enrolled in a 3-D Ceramics class. Since we were limited to working on fabric, the students combined the two mediums and created prints from sheets of clay incised, textured and painted to produce an image. Students explored space exploration possibilities after the end of the Space Shuttle program right here in our own back yard!

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