Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Created by Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Artist: Luseane T.

Grade: 10th

Teacher: Mrs. Sky

Title: Flight Exploration

Theme: Adventure by Air, Discovery, Exploration, and Innovation through Flight

Materials and techniques: Printed on Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin. Graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator. Originally hand-drawn on cotton material.

About: For my artwork I was inspired by the videos that we watched that showed all the innovations and inventions that were brought into the world. My two aircrafts are in space to show that we are able to explore not just the grounds of Earth but also anything in space. It shows that we could reach for the stars and try to keep going with all the discoveries instead of staying put in one place. Hopefully, later on in the future, we’re all able to say that we lived through a productive era and that we made magnificent discoveries that’ll impact everyone that will live generations after us.

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA