Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Created by Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Artist: Ramona B.

Grade: 9th

Teacher: Mrs. Sky

Title: Jay Roberts’ Glory Flight

Theme: Adventure by Air, Discovery, Exploration, and Innovation through Flight

Materials and techniques: Printed on Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin. Graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator. Originally hand-drawn on cotton material.

About: This piece of art represents the great pianist, composer, pilot and rouge Jay M. Roberts, flying in his small airplane he bought in late 1913 over Ocean Beach and the second Cliff House in San Francisco in 1914. James Martin “Jay” Roberts was born in Oakland in 1890. Jay decided to take up the piano at a young age and as early as 1906 was recognized in the San Francisco newspapers. He became a major vaudeville star by 1910 with his wild tune “The Entertainer’s Rag”. When fame and fortune hit him, he lived a bit beyond his means, he bought and expensive Regal model Automobile in 1912, and had acquired an airplane by late-1913. Jay became even more famous by performing at the World’s Fair in San Francisco in 1915. But in 1916, he got kicked out of the city and was forced to move to Los Angeles. He remained a pilot during the years of the Great War and still performed occasionally. He and his wife moved to Panama during the worst years of the Great Depression. In 1932, he died a violent death, forgotten by all music lovers. (*This piece of art is wholly dedicated to all members of the Sacramento Ragtime Society and to my Dad.)

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA