Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Created by Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA

Artist: Isabella D.

Grade: 9th

Teacher: Mrs. Sky

Title: Exploration in Space

Theme: Adventure by Air, Discovery, Exploration, and Innovation through Flight

Materials and techniques: Printed on Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin. Graphics were created using Adobe Illustrator. Originally hand-drawn on cotton material.

About: The title I chose for my creation is “Exploration in Space.” Inside my picture, I drew an astronaut with an American flag on the Earth. I also added a spaceship with a compass in the background. Below that was a man flying on a machine made with propellers. To add finishing touches, I inserted the words innovation, space, flight, and explore. My picture captures the theme, “Adventure by Air.” All aspects in the square are related to flying through the sky. We have big dreams and hopes in life that we can go to infinity and beyond. There are no limits in life because anything is possible. My creation is also full of colors and varied shapes. It is fun and creative because innovation should be exciting.

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA