Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Created by Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Participants: Donte’ Brundage

Teacher: Susan A. Walton

Title: Pizza Planet

Theme: Pizza and other foods

Materials and Techniques used: Oil pastels and paint

About: The dream Rocket Project allowed my mind to express my love for food. The day I was assigned this project my my mind had orbited towards food. I was specifically thinking of pizza so I decided to use that as a muse for my art work.
After I finished drawing the rocket I decided, “why not make it shooting out of a planet”, and I drew a small pizza planet. After I did that I decided to make a moon and I love meatballs so I did a meatball moon. And the last areas of my artwork are pineapple comet and the veggie planet. I thought to myself what do people usually have with pizza, and I thought salad and fruits. So I decided to draw and paint tomatoes because their one of the main things in a salad and a pineapple comet because it is personally one of my favorite fruits. And that is how I ended up with this piece of art work.

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA