Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Created by Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Participants: Malcolm Spencer

Teacher: Susan A. Walton

Note: Susan Walton was a group leader to my class, our teacher, and our organizer. All the credit goes to her, she worked very hard to get us up here with you guys reading this, and made a lot of effort to get it done by 9/12.

Title: Cosmos 1.0

Theme: Space

Materials and techniques: I used pencils, pens, my brain, paint brushes, paint, cloth, and my hands.

Did you enjoy this project? YEAH IT WAS SO FUN! šŸ˜€ I’m actually not done with it yet as of writing this, but I am a day away from done, so I guess it counts.

About: In this painting I started out with drawing something like a cardboard box. Then I added features, shading, back rounds, and other things. The final work turned out like what you see before you. I picked this dream theme because I really like space, (and my teacher wanted me too *wink*) and I think that it would be really cool to have my art on a rocket. I just wanted it to look simple, and yet good. Therefore, that is what I made.

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA