Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Created by Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Participants: Paulina Lara

Teacher: Susan A. Walton

Title: Across The Universe

Theme: Space

Materials and techniques: Paint brush, pastel, fabric, large paper, rough draft of the drawing, and my imagination.

About: My artwork takes place in space. It is about a rocket going into space to visit other planets and discover something new. In my artwork, you can see the rocket coming from Earth, and you can also see the moon with the American flag that was added in 1969 by Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. You can also see the planet Saturn and a meteorite falling to Earth. You can see music notes around the rocket because I love music. It took me a whole day to think of what to do for this artwork. I created this artwork because I like to imagine what it’s like to be in space, so I drew what I imagined. This artwork reminds me of the song “Across The Universe” by The Beatles (one of my favorite bands) because the rocket is going across universe and that’s why I called it Across The Universe.

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA