Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Created by Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Participants: John Eric Fortenberry

Teacher: Susan A. Walton

Title: USS Enterprize

Theme: Imagination

Materials and techniques used: Black oil pastel, paint brushes, paint, citron cloth

Did you enjoy this project? I loved creating it and sharing it with the world!

About: When I finished this project all I wanted is to make more paintings of rockets. Most of all, I wanted to go to the museum and see my painting on the rocket and be proud about myself. This painting proved that I can draw super well. Now that I have confidence will not be afraid to draw in front of people. This painting took place at Montera Middle School in room 402. The one reason that I am amazed is because I can’t draw that well. Ms. Walton told me to concentrate and to not rush on my paintings and I did better on my art work.
I made this painting because my teacher said that everyone in the class had to do it. If I really didn’t want to do it I could have just did a treble job on my painting. If that happened I wouldn’t even be in the nomination for the project finals. I also did it so that I could get better at drawing rocket ships. Most of all I wanted to do it for the joy of art. To plan the rocket drawing it took a few hours to think of how the base would be on the rocket. Then I had to think of what the rockets would be. Then the pictures to hold and then I made the picture and then I got into the project completion.

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA