Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Created by Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA

Participants: Maya Booker and Alyssa Watts

Teacher: Susan A. Walton

Title: Rocket in Space and Space Rocket

Theme: Space

Did you enjoy working on this project?
Maya: Yes, we are making a lot of BIG art this year!

Materials and techniques used:
Maya: Fabric, paints- color mixing, overlapping of shapes, trial and error. I was an assist to my teacher to pack all the art work to be shipped to Kansas. That was a fun afternoon. I am glad my friend Heaven helped and dad gave me permission to stay
Alyssa: The materials used were pencil, paint, and sharpie.

Maya: Ms. Walton, our art teacher inspired our work with the Dream Big, Dream Rocket Project. We thought is was a cool idea so we became a team: Maya & Alyssa. We had a lot of fun making our rocket and it took about two weeks to make our art. Alyssa was in charge of drawing and painting the rocket and Maya was in charge of doing the background.
At first it was challenging to get the same blue over and over each day until I decided to make a lot of blue to cover the whole background. When it dried, I added purple to make stars.
I was so happy we were a team. Alyssa is a supportive partner and I learned a lot from her.
Alyssa: My art teacher inspired me to participate in the dream rocket project. I have been working on a flying rocket ship, soaring through space.

Montera Middle School Art, Oakland, CA