East Hardin Middle School, Glendale, KY

East Hardin Middle School, Glendale, KY

Created by East Hardin Middle School, Glendale, KY

Artists: Maddie Berndt, Tyler Bevars, Zach Campbell, Whitney Carr, Taylor Casteel, Tatum Cox, Abby Cunigan, Brendon Dodge, Taylon Farris, Kaci Goedde, Lucas Guy, Ethan Jones, Jaidian Mancias, Joseph Mikiten, Cameron MIller, Summer Mohamed, Kaley Norton, Sammy Pence, Jade Peirce, Gaige Powers, Rachel Price, Jacob Reffitt, Jillian Sanchez, Robert Sego, Jesse Skaggs, Felicity Sommerfeld, Nate Tucker, Chase Tuttle, Ashley Wilson-Gray, Dylan Wittrock, William Abel, Mahriyeah Amato, Delanna Betlej, Taylor Blakeman, Jordan Bloom, Bryleigh Brawner, Claire Brown, Marty Caminzind, Katie Estes, Adam Case, Tristan Collins, Maddison Cook, Dylan Crouch, Seth Duren, Madison Fogle, Jeffrey Goodman, Dakota Houk, Chris King, Justin Lawson, Carli Lind, Sara Mays, Timothy Newton, Rachael Nichols, Morgan Noel, Alex Pearl, Paige Pence, Jennifer Reeves, Starla Sheroon, Chris Singleton, Shelby Teeter, Amber Thompson, Gavin Vice, Josh Wagner, Levi Wiggins, Brandon Williams

Teachers: Molly Hazle and Terry Cooke

Title: The leaves of Mammoth Cave

Theme: Conservation (Nature, animals, etc)

Materials and techniques: Pencil, Sharpie extra fine point marker, white drawing paper, ruler, 4 (2×2′) tan fabric, 2 yards of leaf patterned binding fabric, thread, quilt batting, 2 (24 sheet pkgs. of iron on ink jet printable paper)

About: Our 8th graders from East Hardin Middle School in Glendale Kentucky are working in with their Science and art teachers this year to author, illustrate, photograph and hopefully eventually publish a Ky. Field Guide as a way to identify local species of trees. This Mammoth cave project is part one in their field guide project where they have to research, classify and draw a leaf that is one of the species found in the Mammoth cave area. Once that leaf was drawn on a 5″x 5″ square, students colored it with colored pencil and wrote the common and scientific name on their leaf. The drawing was then printed backwards on to iron on printable paper and ironed onto 4 separate pieces of fabric. Those pieces of fabric composed of 16 leaf drawings each are going to be bound and made into four total quilts to be displayed as “wall hangings”.

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East Hardin Middle School, Glendale, KY