Susi Soler – Quilt Artist, Worthington, OH

Susi Soler – Quilt Artist, Worthington, OH

Created by Susi Soler – Quilt Artist, Worthington, OH

Title: “The Songs Remain Truth”

Theme: Equality

Susi Soler – Quilt Artist, Worthington, OH

Materials and techniques: My sewing machine is in the shop, so I had to make use of Heat-n-Bond iron-on adhesive product, to adhere my design. The Letter is made from fabric glued onto cardboard, with a real, cancelled stamp of the Statue of Liberty to stay with my theme. It is stitched on. Fabric includes Key West Handprint cotton, regular sewing cotton, felt, denim, corduroy, and hand dyed cotton. Most of the eyes are felt. There is a bit of a 3-D feel to the hobo’s bag and the Mexican girl’s skirt. Her skirt is hand-dyed cotton.

Did you enjoy this project? I loved working on this project but wished my sewing machine had been working properly so I could have done more with it.

About: My Dad loved Woody when he was a college student in the 1930’s. As a child, I often heard Woody’s songs played on our Victrola (!) and on our many camping trips in the 1950’s, we sang his songs around campfires, meeting folks from all over.

I have always been interested in Equality for all, and I have chosen to reflect the following songs…”Woman At Home”, “Union Maid”, “Curly Headed Baby”, “Howdido”, “Deportee”, “Hobo’s Lullaby”, and “Mail Myself To You.”

Challenge: Can you guess which thing refers to which song?