Elmcrest School, Syracuse, NY

Elmcrest School, Syracuse, NY

Created by Elmcrest School, Syracuse, NY

Artists: Nate, Jaida, Nichole, Josh, Shabback

Teacher: Mrs. Cargian

Title: “Penny Carpet Variation”

Theme: Women’s Rights

Elmcrest School, Syracuse, NY

Materials and techniques: Fabric scraps, embroidery floss, beads, buttons, and fabric paint. The students sewed the pieces together and then attached them to each other. They also embellished some of them with beads, buttons and fabric paint.

About: We chose the Penny Carpet Design because women throughout history have made useful household objects from textile remnants. We changed the shapes of the pieces to create a more irregular composition and added some names of famous women. It represents all women connected to one another even though they all are different from each other.