Kathleen Wheaton, Fairport, NY

Kathleen Wheaton, Fairport, NY

Created by Kathleen Wheaton, Fairport, NY

Title: “A Life Set To Music”

Theme: Thomas Edison

Materials and techniques: Cotton fabrics, batting, water color pencils, thread, fusible web, Pigma pen, stamps, and ink. Used standard quilting techniques.

Did you enjoy this project? Always! And always a learning experience for me as well.

Kathleen Wheaton, Fairport, NY

About: My favorite invention of Thomas Edison has to be the phonograph! Although quite primitive by today’s standards, it enabled music to be brought into the home, and eventually down to a personal level. Ironically, he invented it to act as a telephone answering machine, not to play music.

Music is and has always been part of my life. You know how in a movie the background music often sets the stage for a scene? That is how I often see my life. I hear the music that would be playing as if my life were a movie. Music can make me happy or sad and nostalgic. It soothes and sings me to sleep. It makes me romantic and want to dance. It urges me to laugh and sing along out loud – loudly! It keeps me company when I am alone. And all because Edison invented a phonograph that could play recordings back!