Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD

Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD

Created by Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD

Title: Attitude Control Motor Valves

Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD  Ann Zeleny, Boonsboro, MD

Pattern reference:

Theme: Dream Rocket Wrap

ID: LAS-1-AttitudeControlMotorValves x8

Original pattern:

Summary: These 8 Attitude Control Motor Valves (“attitude” as in directional position) are one of several details of the actual rocket for which IFC founder Jennifer Marsh put out a call to volunteers.

Notes: The International Fiber Collaborative has done several art installation projects made up of hundreds of parts created by adults and children all over the world. Its current project is a quilt/afghan that will cover a NASA rocket and will have 8,000 submissions. The individual parts each in some way depict the theme “Dreams for a Better Future”. Originally, the rocket was to be the 365’ Saturn V, but the decision has been made to wrap NASA’s own current dream rocket, the 385′ Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. (See