Art Club @ Gaywood, Seabrook, MD

Art Club @ Gaywood, Seabrook, MD

Created by Art Club @ Gaywood, Seabrook, MD

Teacher: Mrs. Combs

Title: Heroes

Theme: American Heroes

Art Club @ Gaywood, Seabrook, MD

Materials and techniques: We had 10 members in the club during the creation of this piece. They were asked, when you hear the words, ‘American Heroes’, what images come to mind?

Students drew out some images in their sketchbooks and drew them on canvas. We used acrylic paint on gesso covered canvas.

Did you enjoy this project? We enjoyed working on this project because the surface was a manageable size to work on within the time limits given.

About: When people say American heroes usually one thinks of the military forces that serve and protect us. But there are heroes everywhere and our students decided to place a few heroes on the backdrop of our American flags colors. They are Martin Luther King, Jr; a police woman; rescue services and a symbol for the medical field.