Lincoln High School, San Jose, CA

Lincoln High School, San Jose, CA

Created by Lincoln High School, San Jose, CA

Artist: Amelia

Teacher: Mrs. Zamora

Title: They Did It

Theme: American Heroes

Materials and techniques: I used acrylic paint on canvas. I wanted the painting to have a 40’s feel and to resemble the style of WW2 propaganda.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, I did! I love American history so I really enjoyed researching into this topic and expressing my love for my country. I also really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to give women their time to shine.

Lincoln High School, San Jose, CA

About: The title American Heroes reminded me of what I’ve learned sitting through AP U.S. History my junior year. What struck me the most was what was left behind when the men went into war.

Women were not being able to participate in combat, but were left at home taking care of all the responsibilities of daily life. From the Revolutionary War to World War II, women stayed and did their ultimate best to keep the country afloat.

WWII had the most influential propaganda posters to get women involved in supporting the war efforts. Posters from women having jobs in ammunitions factories to becoming a nurse to serve the injured men on the war front.

My piece is influenced by Rosie the Riveter and her strong message, “We can do it”.

The Image consists of one dominant female who carries all the badges of groups who let woman become involved with the American wars. A few groups for example are the Women’s Army Corps (WAAC), Women’s Navy (WAVES), and the Red Cross who gathered trained Nurses.
She is meant to represent all the women who sacrificed time with their children to work in ammunitions factories, to help on the war front, to educate the younger generations of Americans, and to overall keep our country strong.