Prairieland Elementary School, Normal, IL

Prairieland Elementary School, Normal, IL

Created by Prairieland Elementary School, Normal, IL

Artists: 4th and 5th grade art classes.

Title: Inspiring Messages to Lift Your Soul

Prairieland Elementary School, Normal, IL

Teacher: Mrs. Meredith

Theme: Art

Materials and techniques: Message tags, colored pencils, Zentangle and Mandala pattern and design examples, inspirational quotes for those students who struggled to come up with their own, fabric as the backing of our collaborative project, *decorative duct tape for the ‘frame’, and safety pins to hang the tags to the fabric.

Did you enjoy this project? My group did enjoy the project and were excited about having their work on display for many to see their work and read their message.

About: Using the art of Mandala and Zentangle as a way to promote health of mind, body and spirit was the basis behind our collaborative artwork. After the students created a small Zentangle or Mandala of their own, they wrote an inspirational message on the back of their work; which was then pinned to our larger background. Viewers of the art can lift up each individual art tag to read the message and on the front enjoy the design.