St. Thomas the Apostle School, Delmar, NY

St. Thomas the Apostle School, Delmar, NY

Created by St. Thomas the Apostle School, Delmar, NY

Artists: Grade 6 students of St. Thomas the Apostle School – Grace Burke, Kayla Ennis and Isabella Faiola

Title: Rocky Falls

Teacher: Mrs. Chonski

St. Thomas the Apostle School, Delmar, NY

Theme: Art – Based on artists who paint scenes from National Parks.

Materials and techniques: Canvas, acrylic paint, liquid concentrated watercolors, brushes and sponges. Paint brush blending, watercolor washes, and stippling.

Did you enjoy this project? The group enjoyed working on this project immensely! We learned about each other’s experiences with the natural wonder of a waterfall which we may not have known before.

About: We are fortunate in our area of Upstate New York to have several natural falls areas. The students have visited Cohoes, NY Falls, Niagara Falls, NY and Canada. One of the students lives nearby Stuyvesant Falls, NY and has been greatly inspired by its power and beauty. The water at Stuyvesant Falls, NY has such a powerful current that you can only wade in knee deep before feeling the pull. It is fun to visit there and walk on the frozen water in the winter time. It is fascinating the way the water creates a rainbow in the mist and you can splash many interesting patterns in the water with rocks nearby.