Cecilia Lira, Houston, TX

Cecilia Lira, Houston, TX

Created by Cecilia Lira, Houston, TX

Title: Child’s Play

Theme: Equality

Materials and techniques: 100% cotton size 10 crochet threads, various sizes of steel crochet hooks. Hand crocheted using various stitches and patterns as well as detailed figure construction.

Cecilia Lira, Houston, TX

About: As human beings, we have an inborn fear of change. However, we are not born knowing hate. It is learned by exposure.

At one time, our nation reached a point where it became necessary to equalize the education offered our children regardless of race or color.

To our shame, it required the presence of law enforcement and military personnel to ensure the realization of this equity.

In my piece “Child’s Play” , I wanted to explore this situation from the point of view of a young student. The expanded interpretation of the classical little red school house as it may be depicted by a child’s hand is her backdrop. Her right. Her goal.

It is my hope that when this student stood before her new school she looked out onto a moment of support and protection. That she did not feel endangered by the blind threat of cowardice inherent in the anonymity of the mob mentality.

I chose to depict this hope as the acknowledgement of the individual human units that made up the wall of protection for a tiny fellow citizen.