Quincy Elementary School, Topeka, KS

Quincy Elementary School, Topeka, KS

Created by Quincy Elementary School, Topeka, KS

Artists: 260 Quincy Signature Art School Students grades PK-5

Title: We Are Free To Be Creative Together!

Teacher: Mrs. Adam

Theme: Freedom

Materials and techniques: Fabric markers, sharpies, and bingo markers were used on sheet fabric.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes. Many students came in before school and at recess to work.

About: Quincy Elementary students grades PK-5 in Topeka KS expressed their ideas of being free together. Students made drawings of exploration, gaming, playing, reading, family, learning, sharing and being creative artists. The images reflect the diversity of people and creative thinking at Quincy Signature Art School.

IMG_1599-001 IMG_1597 IMG_1615-001 IMG_1601 IMG_1595 IMG_1633 Quincy Elementary School, 2nd Graders, Topeka, KS