Thomas Stone High School, Waldorf, MD

Thomas Stone High School, Waldorf, MD

Created by Thomas Stone High School, Waldorf, MD

Artists: Advanced Placement Studio Art student Caneron R., Drawing & Design student Jamie K., and Visual Arts Instructor Mr. Churchill.

Title: Freedom Fighters

Teacher: Mr. Churchill

Thomas Stone High School, Waldorf, MD

Theme: Art

Materials and techniques: We used acrylic on canvas with traditional painting techniques.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, this was a wonderful collaboration to remember such a powerful moment in American History. The project helped to make my students and myself assess how we view and appreciate freedom (which is often times taken for granted). It was a brilliant activity for creation and reflection!

About: Both Patriots and traitors had one thing in common, freedom. They fought hard for their ideal freedom which helped pave the road for American freedom as we know it. 9-11 was a tragic event that wanted to compromise our freedom and strike fear in the hearts of people. The artwork depicts Uncle Sam taking off his top hat and replacing it with a work hat which symbolizes how so many Americans came together to get back to work and band together to fight for freedom and rebuild.