Azuela School, Chicago, IL

Azuela School, Chicago, IL

Created by Azuela School, Chicago, IL

Artist: Angela T., Grade 7

Title: An American Dream

Teacher: Mrs. Simon

Theme: Don’t Take My Stuff. Tell My Story

Azuela School, Chicago, IL

Materials and techniques: Acrylic paint on canvas.

Did you enjoy this project? I enjoyed working on this project because it gave me the opportunity to tell the story of my teacher’s mother.

About: My work tells the story of a woman named Maria. She came to this country on her mother’s back as an infant and worked in the strawberry fields until she was 6. She didn’t have any items that were stolen or misplaced from her “home” in Mexico. This work fits with the theme of the exhibit, “Don’t Take my stuff, tell my story” because all Maria had of her homeland (Mexico) was in fact, stories. The stories that her mother and father would tell her about their farm back in Mexico. In the painting, Maria achieved US citizenship, and now has her own stories to tell…..