Susi Soler y Brown, Worthington, OH

Susi Soler y Brown, Worthington, OH

Created by Susi Soler y Brown, Worthington, OH

Title: Come On Up!

Theme: Equality

Susi Soler y Brown, Worthington, OH

Materials and techniques: I had a blank off-white piece of cotton that I used as the base for my quilt. I used Heat n Bond to adhere the balloons to the fabric. One balloon has a string so you know they are not just circles. I painted around the outsides of circles with Lumiere paints. They are a favorite medium of mine…I love the metallic look. I laid down a blue food color background with a wide brush. I used a piece of organza-like fabric to represent “glass” and it is smaller than the other circles because I do believe we women are really making strides in many fields of business.

Did you enjoy this project? I very much enjoyed the whole process. When creating this quilt, I picked this subject matter because I have been involved in the women’s movement since high school, where girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school.

About: The theme of my artwork is about some of the relevant things that affect women.

They keep talking about a Tampon TAX, so my comment is on the pink balloon.

The glass ceiling is smaller as women chip away at it every year. The ‘equal pay’ balloon points out equal pay to both sexes for the same work!

There’s a large prominent balloon showing that many, many women vote and our votes count thanks to all the women who marched and protested for women to be able to vote.

The glass ceiling has a hammer aimed at it and the big balloon at bottom right shows we women now have a Presidential runner, Hillary Clinton.

A woman’s hand is holding a CREDIT card. When I got marries in 1966, women were “NOT ALLOWED” to have a credit card in their name. They were only “allowed” to have a card that said “Mrs. Frank Holland” or Mr. Frank Holland.