Pottstown Arts, Pottstown, PA

Pottstown Arts, Pottstown, PA

Created by Pottstown Arts, Pottstown, PA

Artists: Marie, Kai, Rishi, Ishir, Vihaan, Elly, Brooke and Malcolm

Title: Amazing Ocean Animals

Teacher: Mrs. Haigh

Theme: Conservation

Materials and techniques: Canvas, pencil, melted crayons, felt, Sharpie pens, wool roving, yarn, hot glue and adhesive spray.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes. The students enjoyed the new materials we used, operating a hot glue gun, and creating a unique animal.

About: The students chose 2 of their favorite ocean animals, picked for their neat adaptations, and combined them into 4 amazing animals: (a) an octopus who can squeeze into really small spaces with sharp shark teeth, (b) a fish that can breathe underwater and change into a coral reef during the day, (c) a puffer fish that is spiky and puffs up when scared with sea stars on the ends of each spike, and (d) a manta ray who hides on the ocean floor with a lion’s mane from the lionfish that is an excellent hunter. These 4 amazing ocean animals live amongst the greatest ocean animal of all: an animal that looks more like a plant: a coral reef!